The project involves the architectural development of the city of Mashhad until 2022, when for experts it will be possible to admire this union of Islamic-modest infrastructures. The construction of the largest mall in the city, called ATLAS MEGA MALL, is in line with this improvement plan that started few years ago.

ATLAS MEGA MALL is a five-storey building of 10,886 square meters comprising 1,400 commercial offices. It is included in a wider commercial area of 114,000 square meters with commercial offices, food court, coffee shops, 3 movie halls, VIP halls, banking and insurance services, meeting rooms and an underground 4-floor parking.

The project and the relative concept to improve the water consumption on the building has been entrusted to the company DAB pumps that provided for the project the following solutions underline below:

  • NKV and KVC (vertical multistage pumps for high pressure boosting)
  • K single and double impeller (centrifugal pumps for high flow boosting)
  • ALP, KLP, CPG, BPH (in-line pumps for HVAC water recirculation)
  • EUROPRO (for pool water filtration)
  • FEKA RC, NOVA (used in sewage and drainage of waste water)
  • NKPG, NKM-G (standardized centrifugal pumps for HVAC and Firefighting booster systems).

The project was implemented through the support of two local companies:

  • Knowledge based on Spico LTD, the exclusive partner of DAB in Iran, provided engineering support in order to improve solutions able to optimize water and energy consumption.
  • Diesel Pump Asia Trade Co, who provided on projects side an important technical support related  the installations and maintenance of all the systems.