Among the Clouds in Vietnam: Tan Hoi Industrial Park
Where: Vietnam
Installator: Dai Viet Environment Company
Client: Equip Company - Viet Nam Materials Equipment Trading Company
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Water Boosting, Waste Water
Products: FEKA 2000, NKM-G, NKP-G


The Tan Hoi Industrial Park (50 ha) rises in the peripheral area of Tây Ninh. According to its water supply treatment plan, this plant has a capacity of 3,000 m³/day. Through Equip Company, the exclusive distributor of DAB Pumps in Vietnam, it has been equipped with DAB products specifically fit for drainage and water supply management.

The products we are referring to are, namely, FEKA and NKM. Let’s discover them more in detail! FEKA pumps (up to 6 in different models in this installation) are submerged electric pumps especially used when dealing with CBS applications: thanks to its vortex impeller, FEKA can handle solid particles up to 42 mm (FEKA 2030.2) and 98 mm (FEKA 4120.4). Not only it can work with a water temperature up to +40°C, but it is also IP68 and it can be installed in civil and commercial buildings down to 20 m deep.
Concerning pressurization, on the other hand, NKM are enbloc single-stage centrifugal pumps which can work in a wide range of applications, from water transfer in agriculture, to circulation of both hot and cold water, down to water supply – as in this reference. With their cast iron pump body, support and balanced impeller, they can handle liquids up to +140°C and they are IP55; also, they can be installed both horizontally and vertically.

It is their solidity and reliability throughout history which made these pumps the right response to the needs of our customer… among the clouds, in Vietnam.