Where: China
Installator: Hunan Zhima Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Client: Hunan Luyang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Channel: Commercial Building Service
Applications: Heating, Water Boosting
Products: CP, CP-G / DCP, DCP-G, 2 K, KLM, KLP / DKLM, DKLP


The Beijing Normal University Changsha Affiliated School is a non-profit educational structure organised and managed by Beijing Normal University and People's Government of Changsha County: it offers different facilities, including kindergarten, elementary school, middle school and high school, and welcomes children and teenagers eager to learn and grow both in their minds and in their hearts.

It is for the future of these students that the enterprise Hunan Zhima Environmental Technology participated in the renovation and upgrade of the Changsha Afiliated School and their campuses. This firm is specialised in engineering projects and in wholesale business and its usual target customers are mainly villas, high-end clubs and industries. In 2018 it started to work in the ‘Airport City’ Campus (400 mu = nearly 267 m2), designed to welcome about 7,000 people, with a total of 174 classes, and the ‘Xunlong River’ Campus (103 mu = nearly 69 m2), located in the ecological art town ‘Guoyuan Town’ and designed for about 2,200 people, with 54 classes.

More in detail, the aim of the project was providing both structures with heating and water equipment, in order for the students and their teachers to study and work in a convinient and healthy environment: 970 high-efficiency exchangers were adopted, with 22 heat pumps for auxiliary heating and cooling and DAB pumps for water circulation. On September 1st the school year started, and every student and teacher embarqued on a new educational journey, their bodys warm and protected, and their minds and hearts full of curiosity and possibility.