Where: China
Installator: Changsha Runzhi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.
Client: Hunan Runjiang Technology Co., Ltd.
Channel: Residential Building Service
Applications: Heating, Conditioning, Water boosting
Products: KLM, KLP / DKLM, DKLP


Liuyang Weimei High School is a new private full-time general high school, approved by the Liuyang Municipal People's Government. It is committed to become a high school with high starting point, high standards and high quality. The school has 260 staff members and can accommodate 60 classes and 3,000 students.

The construction project is located at the Liuyang Avenue, Guankou Industrial Zone, Liuyang City, opposite to the Guankou Health Centre diagonally. The total investment for the whole structure of the school was 300 million yuan. The construction area covers 130 MU of land (nearly 86,000 square meters).

The Changsha Runzhi Environmental Engineering is a renowned 2013 enterprise which works in the field of water technology, taking particular care of environmental protection. This enterprise has already worked with DAB on several projects: the latest and worthy result of this collaboration is the heating system provided for the Weimei High School project in Liuyang.

The heating system is made of 760 high efficiency flat plate collectors installed in the roof, catching the solar radiation for producing hot water. This system is eco-friendly, as per Chinese government request to adopt the most advanced technologies for highest energy saving and low environmental impact. There are 35 additional last generation air source heat pumps, for auxiliary heating during winter and for cooling during summer.

This equipment produces hot water, then pressurization pumps move the water throughout the school, in a complex system of pipelines, valves and radiators. The pumps must be higher efficiency, with superior performance and reliability. The partner Changsha Runzhi Environmental Engineering chose once again special purpose designed pumps by DAB (K model), because they meet the requirements and the specifications. These pumps are in-line shaped, to ease the installation and the maintenance. They perform hot water recirculation, with special components (mechanical seal, impeller, O-rings) for high temperature operation.

Being part of this advanced technology project is a matter of pride for DAB Pumps. Fireworks celebration can start in Liuyang!