DAB Pumps has developed BIM


The BIM models of DAB's main products for professionals
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DAB Pumps has developed BIM (Building Information Modeling) models of its main products for designers, architects and integrators that make it easier to design and implement complex works.

The aim is to facilitate the work of professionals, enabling efficient and more effective processing of information.

The significant data are collected, combined and connected digitally in a structured virtual construction.

All this is available on the DAB website (https://www.dabpumps.com/en/bim) and on the Bimobject and Skeinforce portals.
The latest product families released in RFA format (per Autodesk® Revit®) are: the entire range of variable speed pressure booster sets (NKVE, Euro, Euroinox, Jetinox and Jet AD), the line of fire-fighting sets (KDN Compact and KVT), the submersible pumps for waste water (FK), and the products completing the Esybox Line (Esybox Max, Esybox mini and Esybox Diver).