IF DESIGN AWARD 2021. Success for Dab Pumps


IF DESIGN AWARD 2021. Success for Dab Pumps
  • Category: Product

Esybox Max ed Esybox Diver have won the IF Design Award 2021 for the product design. 

Every year, thousands of architects, designers or companies from all over the world participate to the distinguished award: this year 10,000 participants from 52 different countries.
For DAB, in collaboration with MacDesign, this is the third award after the one that Esybox won in 2013.Here’s the reasons of the jury.
“Esybox Max is the most smart and reliable system on the market […] it is ergonomic, easy to install and contributes to energy savings”. Morever: “Esybox Diver deserves the award not only for its captivating shape, but also for its revolutionary approach to the domestic pressurization”.
Matteo Novi, Head of Group Digital Marketing & Communication of Dab Pumps, comments on the victory of Esybox Max and Esybox Diver: “It is not just about aesthetics or functionalities, for Dab, design is part of an idea that conveys our brand identity. In 2013, when it was just launched, Esybox won the prestigious IF Design Award, becoming a landmark for being the first actual autoclave completely integrated in a box. Today, we are proud to celebrate again this double success as a tangible sign of continuity and as a proof of our ability of always being one step ahead”.